Portrait 1.5/52

The combination of illness and football conspired to prevent me from taking my second portrait of the year, so this week I just have a few additional shots from my first shoot. I will make up this week’s missing shot soon as I want to end the year with 52, but I also didn’t want to miss the post this week.

First up, a picture of my Dad. I still had everything set up from shooting Jeff, so he stepped in for a few frames and we got this:


Like last week’s, I played with the background color to get to something a bit more pleasing. I like the shot, but I have some thoughts for what I really want to do when I shoot my Dad for real so I’m not counting it as one of the 52.

I also wanted to post an update to the shot of Jeff from last week. I got to playing with it a little and found a slightly different processing that I think works better. It is better defined with better detail:


Unfortunately, that is all I have this week. I was hoping to make it a little further into the year before having to take a mulligan, but life is unpredictable. I should have something new for next week!

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