Welcome to My Digital Stoop

This is where I post my musings about the world of design, urbanism, architecture, and the arts. In urban design, the stoop is a place where one can be honest and informal - a place where lively and stimulating conversations occur. As a transition between public and private, the stoop provides the comfort of some privacy while allowing familiarity and friendly discourse. My hope is that this site becomes the digital equivalent of a stoop. I hope that you will drop by my place here and enjoy some discussion about design and that you come back often. For my part, I will post things that I think are stimulating and interesting to the dialogue. I encourage and welcome comments so that this digital front porch becomes a place for a discussion that is insightful and enlightening.

About Gregory:

I am an architect who is passionate about great design. I am inspired by great urban environments around the world and I think that there are fundamental concepts common to these great environments that can dramatically alter our experience of “Place” and enhance our quality of life.

I believe that good architecture is contextual, in regards to both climate and culture. I find value in the rich tradition of the architectural profession and I strive to build upon the legacy of the great architects who have shaped our culture. I believe that the appropriate contextual response will also be the most sustainable response and that good design is deeply concerned with good stewardship. 

While I am an architect and urban designer by trade and training, I am keenly interested in other areas of design at all scales and will occasionally include posts on these related topics. If there is a thread that ties this blog together it is the celebration of humanity - the humanity of place, the humanity of building, the humanity of the smallest details and the biggest ideas, the humanity of the moment. It is in these small celebrations that we find the ability to thrive. 

I welcome all feedback. I have enabled comments on most posts because I value the dialogue that occurs with the open exchange of ideas. However I also welcome feedback in other forums. You can reach me in the following ways:

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