Introducing Dash of Bleu

When I posted that Urban Fabrics had reached the end of its road, I mentioned that Mike and I were working on our next endeavor. That next thing is Dash of Bleu.

Dash of Bleu is a new line of kitchen accessories that have simple modern elegance paired with classic utility. We are focused on crafting beautiful and functional accessories that look great in the kitchen. We believe that a focus on design and elegant simplicity will be the defining character of our products and we believe that there is a place in the market for those products.

Our flagship product is an elegantly simple white ceramic salt box with a bamboo lid.

A salt box (sometimes also called salt cellar or salt keeper) is a great way to keep salt handy while cooking. In fact, Epicurious editors included having a salt keeper on their top 57 Things You Can Do to Be a Better Cook Right Now

Since the job of a salt box is to keep salt always within reach, this is a kitchen accessory where aesthetics really matter. A salt box is typically left on the counter so that it is always there ready for you to add just the right pinch of salt to you dish. We felt this was the perfect product to start out our brand with since it is important that it be both functional and beautiful. And we felt that there would be a pretty good market for it — if you cook you could probably use one.

We approached the design of our salt box with the idea of simplicity and modern elegance as our guide. What we came up with is a simple white ceramic box that slightly tapers to the base. On top is a simple naturally finished bamboo lid. That’s it. Clean. Simple. Pure.

Of course, what goes in the salt box is a very personal matter. From kosher salt to sea salt and from Himalayan salt to flavored salt; we think they all work great. In fact, there is no reason to limit it to just salt. Any kind of spices or seasonings that are used regularly would go well in our salt box. One of our earliest customers mentioned in their review that they use the salt box as a holder for sweetener packets which seemed like a great idea to us.

We’ve been selling our salt box on Amazon since October 2015 (I know, this announcement seems a bit late…). We have sold over 600 salt boxes as of this post which we are pretty happy with.

We are excited for the future of Dash of Bleu — we are already working on ideas for additional products and hope to have some of them launched in the coming months.

For now, we hope you check out our Ceramic Salt Box with Bamboo Lid, available now on Amazon.



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