Portrait 10/52 - Jonathan

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to photograph some friends’ kids. They have a daughter and two twin boys, so I was able to begin to catch up for the weeks I’ve missed!

First up, we have one of the twins — Jonathan.


At first, Jonathan wasn’t too sure about me. While he isn’t smiling, I like the focus in his expression and the way he is framed within the angles of the pipe railing.


We started with a walk to get everyone relaxed and find some good locations for pictures. Like most 2 year old boys, Jonathan is a fan of sticks.


One of my favorite pictures from the day is this one where Jonathan is walking along the gravel road which curves away gently behind him.


We finally got a little bit of sun as we were walking through the green spring grasses.


With Jonathan now pretty used to me, we were able to get some good portraits.  



Technical Details

I was hoping for partly cloudy but we ended up with mostly cloudy. While I didn’t get the backlit glow I was hoping for, the cloudy sky provided very soft, even lighting. The only lighting modification I did was to have a reflector on some of the more stationary/portrait type shots. Everything else was purely natural lighting. I set my camera to 1/800s as I knew that young kids can be quite active and I didn’t want to lose any shots due to motion blur. I let my camera’s auto ISO function select the ISO — generally between 100 and 800. This meant I was shooting pretty wide open — f2.8 - f4.0. 

Check back for pictures of Jonathan’s twin brother and older sister. I’ll be posting those soon.

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