Welcome to my Digital Stoop

Welcome to my digital stoop. This is where I post my musings about the world of design, urbanism, architecture, and the arts. In urban design, the stoop is a place where one can be honest and informal - a place where lively and stimulating conversations occur. As a transition between public and private, the stoop provides the comfort of some privacy while allowing familiarity and friendly discourse. I hope that this site becomes the digital equivalent of a stoop. I hope that you will drop by my place here and enjoy some discussion about design and that you come back often. For my part, I will post things that I think are stimulating and interesting to the dialogue.[1] I encourage and welcome comments so that this digital front porch becomes a place for a discussion that is insightful and enlightening. [2]

The format I am intending to implement is a mixture of links with commentary to stories, blog posts, and editorials that I find stimulating and original posts by me. My goal with the links will be to add insight to the original post rather than just provide a summary and my hope would be that my link improves traffic to the original site rather than steals traffic.

As this is the first official post on my new blog, I wanted to take a moment and explain my motivations and expectations of what this new endeavor means. I feel compelled to write for many reasons but these are my primary goals for this site:

  • Participate in and contribute to the online dialogue about these subjects which I care deeply about

  • Practice the discipline of writing to better process and refine my thoughts on these topics

  • Learn from the wisdom and experience of others through comments on my site and through the rich dialogue that happens throughout the Internet community

So again, welcome to my little stoop in this little neighborhood of the internet. I hope you will enjoy the discussion, maybe join in through the comments or on your own site, and come back often. I always welcome feedback. In addition to comments on this site, I can be reached via @ArchitectJones on twitter and email.

-Gregory Jones

  1. If you are looking for posts about my personal life, continue looking. The stoop is a place for public discourse. As such, I won’t be posting personal stuff and I will commit to keeping the conversation clean.  ↩

  2. As the stoop is a semi-public place, I expect the discussions to remain respectful, on topic, and clean. All comments are moderated by me so anything that doesn’t meet that criteria will not be posted. Differing opinions are great; disrespectful, vulgar, or off topic comments are not.  ↩

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