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I just donated to Strong Towns and I encourage you to do the same. My reason for donating is simple: I believe that the Strong Towns message is unique, compelling, and most of all necessary.


There are many groups advocating for better places. Some are very narrowly focused on one aspect (Complete Streets). Others are very broadly focused but come from a distinct frame of reference (CNU). Strong Towns adds to this dialogue in a unique way because of its focus on fiscal resiliency and clear minded economics. If there is one term I would use to describe the Strong Towns philosophy it would be productive growth. It is this focus on making our cities and towns productive that gives Strong Towns its unique edge. In a field so dominated by advocates rightly proclaiming life could be so much better, Strong Towns tells us that those things we all want to help us thrive actually end up costing us less.


The Strong Towns message is so simple and clear. Chuck Marohn is a master of cutting through a complicated subject to get to a simple and compelling truth. And it is a credible message because of his background and training. In an era of a tough economy and mind blowing public debt, the Strong Towns message of stewardship, return on investment, and responsible productive growth is a compelling breath message that is sure to resonate with a lot of people.


I find the Strong Towns message necessary on two levels. First, because of the unique focus it adds more breadth to a growing body of knowledge on how to make better places. If we all work towards a common goal from different areas of expertise, we have a better chance of getting there. Second, I think the Strong Towns message has a chance to reach a different crowd, possibly even a demographic that would typically be hostile towards a message of urban vitality.

I believe that more people hearing this message can only make the world a better place. And so I donated. And I hope you do too.

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